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Value-Add Multifamily Investment

Value-Add Multifamily Investment

The multifamily asset in the USA has unlocked a new wave of change in the economy and soars to new heights. Multifamily Investment properties remain very demanding with strong momentum and low-risk volatility due to favorable migration trends, high household formation, strong wages, and job growth. Multifamily Investing is the preferred mode of investment amongst millennial investors, but various factors need to be assessed to turn out into a result-driven potential turnkey income. Cash flow, location, leverage, appreciation and other factors are the cornerstone of investment portfolios.

Real Estate Investments show no signs of slowing down. Investing is an ethical and lucrative option for those looking for high rental returns and long-term growth. Choosing the exemplary Multifamily Investment Property requires a combination of factors and steps to yield high income and overall achieve better investment opportunities.

Prime Investment is a boutique real estate agency that helps throughout the phases of acquisitions, value-add (remodeling), rebranding and much more for the properties catering in high growth markets in the United States. Backed with years of experience in the property sector and market trends, our experts provide honest advice and deliver possible growth results. We walk throughout every step of the multifamily market with our highest level of services and superior market knowledge.

Why Choose Multifamily Investment Properties?

  • Risk-Adjusted Returns and Relatively Low Volatility 
  • Soaring Demand 
  • Favorable Regulatory Environment 
  • High Degree of Transparency 
  • Liquidity 
  • Diversified Credit Risk 
  • Recurring Rental Incomes
  • Third-Party leasing and management options

How Does It Work?

At Prime Investment, we offer our stakeholders and patterns to grab most of the properties and generate passive monthly income through multifamily investments

  • Research – With in-depth industry knowledge, we seek out properties that adhere to criteria and diligently perform underwriting assessments, in-depth analysis, geographical trends and market studies and more.
  • Collect Investment – We pool funds from individual investors and contribute our capital too when we find a viable property, we lookout for investors who are ready to gain and add funds to participate in the deal. 
  • Acquire Property – Once we have found a property that meets our intensive analysis requirements, we acquire the property and close the deal. We handle the entire process. 
  • Value Add – Adding more amenities and renovating to increase the value of a property gains not only returns but also appreciation at the time of sale. 
  • Generate Returns – Our hand-picked multifamily properties are assessed by considering various factors. These properties can generate monthly revenue through rent, and investors can gain recurring passive income. 

Our hand-picked multifamily properties are assessed by considering various factors. These properties can generate monthly revenue through rent, and investors can gain recurring passive income. 

Real Estate Investing Made Easy

We have crafted a guide to help you take the steps to invest in commercial real estate and develop a recurring passive income.

Our Team

Prime Investment LLC is led by a two professionals committed to the real estate sector. Together, they ensure your journey to financial freedom is meaningful.

Ashok Patil

Ashok is an experienced professional realtor with focus on commercial and residential real estate investments, money lending, and Fix & Flips. In this endeavor, he infuses his expertise from the digital world and data analytics.

Mohit Bansal

Mohit has been an active real estate investor in the Single Family, Multi Family and Commercial properties for more than a decade now. Mohit founded Prime Investment, LLC for his love and passion for Real Estate.

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