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Multifamily Real Estate Investments

For Professionals and Business owners

Passive Income

Develop Recurring Passive Income

Leverage our expertise to invest in multifamily real estate opportunities and start your journey to achieve financial freedom. We help you conduct not only due diligence in asset selection, investment, and operations but also to beat heavy taxes and find ways to balance risk vs reward for your investment.

Recurring Passive Income

Develop a recurring rental income that is completely passive. That’s right, you do not have to do anything after you invest.

Low Risk and High Returns

A multifamily real estate investment might often be overlooked. However, in any asset re-balancing exercise, it can’t be ignored.

Capital Appreciation

We invest in assets that promise not only a stable recurring income but also have the potential for capital appreciation.

Economies of Scale

A multifamily real estate investment lends itself to scaling up. You may enhance your portfolio by adding 10, 20, or 50 units.

Tax Benefits

Worried about tax implications? Please do not be. Our multifamily real estate investments help you avail tax benefits.

Professional Management

With Prime Investment LLC, you do not have to lift a finger when investing in multifamily real estate properties.
Invest with Peace of Mind
Creating a Lifestyle of your Choice.

For years, you have been working tirelessly. Working to enhance your income. Working to max out your 401(k), investing in stocks and mutual funds, etc. Yet. it all feels like treading water? If that’s you, we should catch up. We know exactly how you feel and we can help. Leverage our expertise to get on the path to financial freedom.


Creating a lifestyle of your choice takes years of hard work and patience. Prime Investment LLC augments your extraordinary efforts.

Financial Freedom

A full-time professional engagement helps to secure routine needs of your family. Prime Investment LLC helps secure your financial future.

Fully Passive Income

Creating value should not need require you to get more busy. Prime Investment LLC takes over the rigor to help you earn a completely passive income.

Peace of Mind

Prime Investment LLC has years of experience in the real estate sector. Achieve your financial goals with us for a complete peace of mind.

Our Portfolio

We keep adding to and updating our real estate assets under management. Here’s a quick look at some important numbers.


Multifamily Units


Portfolio Value

Invest with Awareness

We believe in trust and transparency and therefore take the measures to educate our clients on the nuances of investing in the real estate sector. There should be no surprises with your money. We have curated the choicest of resources for you to begin your journey to financial freedom.

  • Investor webinars
  • Investors’ guide to real estate
  • Explainer videos
  • Investor FAQs
  • Blogs and resources
  • One-on-one session

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Our source of encouragement is your success, your financial freedom, your peace of mind.

Tarun Chopra
Switched from Single-Family to Multi-Family Investments
“I was investing in single-family homes and couldn’t scale up and grow my portfolio until I started working with Prime Investment LLC”
Sandesh Barade
Diversified Asset Portfolio to include Commercial Real Estate
“Prime investment helped me with strategies to invest in commercial real estate to generate cash flow like many accredited investors do.”
Suman Parajuli
Multifamily Real Estate Investor with Prime Investment LLC
“I highly recommend the Prime Investment  team to anyone who is looking to take their real estate investing to the next level.””

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One investment. Many Benefits.