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Five Phases of Multifamily Real Estate Investment

Real Collaborations for Real Value Creation

Asset and Investment Acquisition

Asset and Investment Acquisition

After finding a property and performing due diligence, money is raised from investors’ pool.
Phase 1
Value Addition for Higher Rents

Value Addition for Higher Rents

Value is increased by undertaking renovations and enhancing amenities.
Phase 2
Refinance to Repay Partial Equity

Refinance to Repay Partial Equity

A refinance is done to pull out some of the equity and investors get a significant portion of their original capital returned early.
Phase 3
Manage Asset for Cash Flows

Manage Asset for Cash Flows

For the holding period, we will manage the asset and provide quarterly reports and cash flow distributions from the profits.
Phase 4
Realize Appreciated Asset Value

Realize Appreciated Asset Value

Once the asset has appreciated in value, we will sell it and distribute the profits, so you may deploy in a new value opportunity
Phase 5

Real Estate Investing Made Easy

We have crafted a guide to help you take the steps to invest in commercial real estate and develop a recurring passive income.

Overcome High Entry Barriers to Investing in Multifamily Real Estate

Investing in commercial real estate is often fraught with risk and a general lack of know-how.

We help you overcome these high entry barriers by lending out expertise of diligence in asset selection and specialist management. We do the leg work to ensure you get on a path to achieve your financial goals.


Investing requires specific knowledge,
painstaking due diligence to find good deals, significant investments, closing costs, ongoing management after purchase, all to make sure the investment makes sense financially

Specialist Management

We specialize in commercial multifamily real estate investing, allowing you to reap the significant rewards of this magical asset class without detailed knowledge or a significant time commitment.

Fully Passive Income

Our management team will operate the assets at peak efficiency to ensure regular, passive income stream for you. Besides investing, you do not have to bother about anything. Simply reap the benefits.

We Are On A Mission

Our mission is to lend our experience, industry relationships, networks, and access to equity to provide you with high-quality, completely passive investment opportunities in the commercial multifamily real estate segment.

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Ashok Patil

Ashok is an experienced professional realtor with focus on commercial and residential real estate investments, money lending, and Fix & Flips. In this endeavor, he infuses his expertise from the digital world and data analytics.

Mohit Bansal

Mohit has been an active real estate investor in the Single Family, Multi Family and Commercial properties for more than a decade now. Mohit founded Prime Investment, LLC for his love and passion for Real Estate.

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